Getting somewhere

In the last couple of years I have been working on improving my self image. I am doing really well. I am so much more comfortable with myself. I have been doing really well with my photography and my modelling, I am even proud of how this blog is going.

I get messages about my photography on a regular basis and lots of people look at and like my pictures. I am at the point where I am generally happy with my finished pictures.

I am doing really well with my modelling and am now a sponsored model for a wonderful alternative clothing company. I posted a picture yesterday that got a lot of responses a couple of not so nice ones but so many lovely ones, it made me so glad I do this and made me remember why I started doing it which was to make art and feel good about myself. Here is the picture.


Copyright restrainedimages

I used to hate my bum and am now happy enough to post it for the world to see.

So this is a thank you to everyone who has been supportive. You mean the world to me. Every nice comment and every like and if you don’t like it just click back and don’t look. If you feel the need to notify someone you don’t like what they are doing as a general rule just don’t.



So a little while ago I started doing photo shoots with photographers who I knew and asked me nicely. One of them suggested I join a modelling website, they thought I would do really well I was totally unsure.

I braved the applications etc and I did it. It has been an amazing confidence building experience so far. I am aware that I am not size 8, 6 foot perfectly toned beauty, so I don’t take offence when that’s what someone is looking for, I get passed over a lot because of this and I am completely ok with that. I am relatively happy with myself the way I am and it would appear so are many others. Within a week of joining the site I had 8 bookings and many more responses.

I was so nervous when I went for the first shoot I have ever done with a photographer I hadn’t met before, but it went wonderfully. Ideas were flowing we tried lots of different things. I am so excited I have only seen a few of the resulting photos but I love them I am so happy right now and excited to see what will come next.


Since this I have shot with lots of photographers and had paid work. I love it. I am more body confident than ever. I like bits of me I used to hate. I have tried looks I never would have thought of.