Poly holiday season

This will be the first Christmas together for my poly family. I have always been poly but this is the first year it will make a difference to the festive season. So I thought I would make a daily record of how it’s going.

So far we have done a joint meat order of unusual meats for yule. We have decided when we will be visiting who and made basic plans. I have started making Christmas food and wrapping presents. Everything so far is going smoothly and there have been no troubles. Living in a poly household seems so much easier than the internet made me believe. Update for you all later.


The boyfriend moving in

About 2 months ago my boyfriend moved in with me, my husband and our son. It’s been an interesting time for everyone. Before he moved in me nd my sister read lots of stuff online about poly families living together etc. It sounded terrible almost all the stuff I could find talked about the bad points, reasons it could fail and the amount of times it had fallen apart.

So I thought I would write this little piece to say it’s been great. I mean don’t get me wrong there have been teething problems but only the same kind as you get living with anyone new anyway like things being put back in the wrong place. It’s been awesome though.

Here is my list of wonderful things about living with both my partners.

1. I don’t have to pick who to spend time with everyday.
2. I can have film night with both of them and no one misses out on a good film.
3. More people to share tasks like washing up.
4. I love cooking big family meals and having more people around vastly improves that.
5. Getting a kiss goodnight from both of them.
6. Getting a kiss good morning from both of them.
7. Feeling incredibly loved.
8. No time wasted travelling back and forth between partners, also no travel cost and no babysitter needed.
9. My partners getting to know each other better.
10. Has to be said SEX when we want not when I can spare time to get over to see one partner.
11. Almost everything. Seriously it’s working for us.

Yay poly group living is working so far.

Crossover was something beautiful to me


Crossover was a club night.  I was a founding member. We started with nothing just the four of us and a vague idea. The idea grew from bits of thoughts from all of us. Not one person whose baby it was, four people with a goal and ambition. Four people who wanted something special. A place people could go and have fun, a safe haven for everyone, a place no one would feel excluded, a wonderful party environment, fantastic performances and entertainment with a diverse musical selection. Mainly we wanted a community. The alt scene used to be one and we wanted it back.

A year and a half has passed since this vision began and I am saddened to see the end of it. We all had big hopes and dreams and for a while it went so well. Then things changed I am not going to go into the politics of it all but I will say some times people aren’t who you think they are and not everything you see is the full story. I left when I felt the strain of dealing with the politics on top of finding out how very ill I was, I tried talking to our official founding member about it but I soon realised how little she cared I was made to believe the other two members felt the same I have since realised this was far from true and yes I am still hurt by her behaviour I nearly lost two very wonderful people from my life because of it.

Now that’s the sad bit out of the way. It’s time for a happy reflection. It maybe over now but lets look at what we did and smile. I met some of the most fabulous people I have ever known. I gained confidence in my own abilities in ways I never had before. I performed on a stage that some very awesome people have. I saw performances like I had never seen before. I danced my ass off. I cried with happiness when we did well. I laughed more than I had in a long time. I took some wonderful photos. I grew close to the beautiful gentlemen who were there from start to finish. I saw hundreds of people happy, enjoying themselves and loving their night out. I saw people standing out and not worrying about being different. I can look back and still say I think we did something wonderful for a while there.

I know some people will not agree with this and that is really up to them. I am sorry if my point of view upsets anyone I have been wanting to write about how much the club meant to me since I left but I didn’t want to cause trouble, now I don’t have to worry about that I am not doing. So a big thank you to everyone who was there along the way you did more for me than you will ever know and a big fuck you to the haters its your own soul you are destroying with your hate not mine. 

The Ethical Slut, Fifteen ways to be kind to yourself

1-Do yoga
2-Have a candle lit bath
3-Go somewhere green
4-Ring a good friend
6-Dance to some of my favourite music
7-Write a list of ten things I am grateful for
8-Watch one of my favourite films
9-Take a nap
10-Write my feelings down
12-Look at photographs
13-Make something
14-Tidy/clean something
15-Do something spiritual

The ethical slut exercise 2, Why sluthood? Why not? (List with help from Tink)

Reasons why people may be sluts

*sex is fun π
*sex is good for your health π
*I like kissing π
*I do not love monogamously π
*I like persons π
*I like making sexual connections with people π
*it feels free π
*I am in control of who touches my body π
*extra cuddles π
*sex is proven to be good for your skin
*sex is great exercise π
*sex helps with depression
*I get different things sexually from different people π
*I like cock and cunt π
*I don’t like feeling tied down, unless well I am actually tied down π
*I like showing off my butt π
*I get to know things about people I wouldn’t otherwise π
*seeing lots of beautiful people naked π
*intimacy feels nice π
*it makes me happy π
*I make others happy and feel good π
*orgasms πππππππππππ
*I like being playful π
*learning more about my sexual desires π
*extra love π
*closeness π
*being touched is fun π
*flirting is fun π
*I believe monogamy isn’t the norm for primates π
*I was taught to share
*I don’t need control over my partner π
*I like variety π
*for spiritual advancement
*to challenge society
*because I have a strong sexual appetite π
*more caring supportive people in your life π
*group sex rocks π
*feels natural π
*I believe in love π
*being sex positive π
*licking people
*it pisses prudes off ¥
*practice makes perfect
*stress relief
*try new things π
*curiosity π
*revenge ¥
*boost self esteem ¥
*because boobs ππππππ
*power ¥
*empowerment π
*affection π
*peer pressure ¥
*increase immune system
*acceptance ¥
*exciting π
*rebellion ¥
*improve sexual technique π
*daddy issues ¥
*male approval ¥
*cash gains ¥
*sexual addiction ¥
*people smell nice π

I will mark ones I think describe the type of slut I don’t want to be with ¥
Ones I think are good reasons with π

Happy week 4

Day 22 (running really late now) my lovely husband and my cat asleep on my feet


Day 23 ridiculous faces on the way to pick little one up after 5 nights at camp thanks for the lift


Day 24 rum……


Day 25 birthday cake at last


Day 26 coming home to fluffy mcfluffson


Day 27 my lovely tink came to look after me


Day 28 prepping for pin up


Another awesome week.

Another week of happy days

Hundredhappydays week 3

Day 15  this is my son’s beautiful hair grown for three years and cut off to send to little princess trust for little girls who lost their hair to cancer, proud mum face day


Day 16 my overprotective and jealous cat sitting between me and anyone who comes into the house


Day 17 practicing my rope skills on tink with raspberry laces


Day 18 being the kind of crazy that doesn’t like standing on a bridge but will wade into a river


Day 19 being photo bombed by my silly husband


Day 20 a bit of a ropey photoshoot lol with tink


Day 21 fabulous new hair and a weekday party


So there we go another happy week