Life changing

On the 12 of February. My life changed. I made a new plan. It didn’t start out as what I thought would be a good day. I wanted to hide from my problems. I had been let down by people I had held quite highly, people I thought were good people it turned out were more interested in money than morals. Its one of those facts of life that I hate but most of the world are that way. I was disappointed, downtrodden and I decided to give up, my fight was gone. I lost friends because I spoke up for what I believed in. I was even being threatened for it.

Then the better people in my life intervened. I was reminded by strangers exactly why I was standing up and being heard. People encouraging me to carry on as I was. There are things in this world that need changing and they aren’t going to be fixed by giving up. I want a world that I am proud to bring my son up in.

I refuse to be part of the problem. We all need to do a little bit to make the world better. So for my part I am protesting the things I really don’t agree with. I am standing for the rights of those who don’t have them. I have officially become carer for my nana to try and help make her life easier and brighter. I have had emma move in to my home disrupting everything but I wouldn’t change that. I am writing for a mental health organisation. I have plans to volunteer for feeding the homeless with Manchester angels (look them up they are ace). I am going to be running a therapy session for people who are abuse victims.

On top of this I realised how much I still had to fix about myself. I am still the product of what the world has done to me. I refuse to be that way. I won’t let the world grind me down to being all the things I hate. I want to leave the world having been the cause of more smiles than sadness and I guess that has to start with me too. I have a plan and the path ahead looks bright.

The journey so far hasn’t been easy but it has been full of smiles so I getting somewhere at least.


I need feminism because

I get told ladies don’t need piercings to make them pretty.

I get told my behaviour is unladylike on a regular basis.

I get told I should be home looking after my husband more.

I was automatically given dolls as I child when I wanted boglins. (I eventually got them).

Women still make less than men on average.

I get looked down on by male photographers mainly because I am female.

I am fed up of having my bum pinched by strangers.

I was never taken as seriously as the males involved in my last business venture.

There is vat on tampons etc.

People are shocked I can change a tyre.

My mum’s religion says I should serve my husband.

My dad stopped being able to use a cooker when he moved in with my mum.

I don’t dress for other people.

I don’t want to be judged based on my gender as it does not define me.

I am regularly slut shamed for having male friends.

I have been sexually assaulted and what I was wearing was commented on by a police man.

I like being able to vote.

Telling guys I am married is more likely to get them to leave me alone than telling them I am not interested.

Cat calls are not a compliment.

Rape culture.

Too many people think the length of my skirt says something about my morals.

Things are not equal.

And a shit load more reasons.