You obviously don’t have bipolar you get along fine without meds

So this infuriated me a little, maybe more than a little, maybe a hell of a lot more than a little.

Today when talking to a relative I was told I obviously don’t really have bipolar because I get by ok without the meds. She didn’t mean this is a crappy way I am sure. She is just under the impression that everyone with bipolar must be medicated. She thinks they must be wrong about what is wrong with me. Maybe they are maybe I have been misdiagnosed I can’t really tell you that.

What I can tell you is I struggle almost everyday, maybe 1 in 5 days I won’t be confronted with a problem relating to my bipolar and that is a massive improvement on where I used to be when it controlled my every waking and sleeping moment. It dictates my sleeping pattern, whether or not I can work, if I can think straight, if I am capable of making a decision, if my skin crawls and I want to peel it off one strip at a time. I do not simply get by I struggle I fight with my own mind. I have found out what helps and what makes things worse. I am so much better than I was and am so proud of myself but I definitely am not getting by ok I am just coping because this is the only life I have so sometimes coping is just what I have to do.


4 responses to “You obviously don’t have bipolar you get along fine without meds

  1. I am on one med for bipolar because all the rest either give me restless legs really bad, make me a zombie, or I’m allergic to them. People are so uneducated about mental health it’s ridiculous. Drawing really helps me, and my “sister” ridicules me about it all the time. “You have children, quit acting like one!” “Snap out of it! Just think of all the good things that have happened! Why do you have to be so negative!” But, the more we post about it, the more we can inform the public and our families, if they’re willing to listen.

    • That is really not fair. 1 I don’t see how being creative is childish. 2 she should respect that you are doing what you can to help your own mental health which will definitely improve your parenting so you are doing it for them. I am going to keep writing about it because I think people need to read it and understand.

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