Yes all men

The last couple of days I have seen a lot of hash tags for #notallmen and #yesallwomen over some pretty serious issues. It got me thinking and today I thought #yesallmen are negatively affected by patriarchy. This is why for me feminism stands up for them too.

So yes all men:-

Have problems because the patriarchal ideal male should should be strong, dominant and invulnerable meaning they
-End up in dangerous situations because showing fear would be weak
-Deal with mental illness without help because emotional weakness is un manly
-Are more likely to commit suicide possibly due to this lack of help
-Seek medical help less often, so regularly make conditions worse
-Get pressured into doing risky things to prove their toughness
-Have violence aimed at them ignored
-Have less social services aimed at them and struggle to find the help they need in violent situations
-Feel they must be sole provider for their family even if they are sick or injured
-Feel they need to prove themselves with violence
-Are more likely to be seriously physically attacked but it isn’t portrayed that way in the media
-Can end up very lonely as they are not taught to relate to others
-Struggle if they do not have a dominant personality
-Do not feel they can form close friendships with females or non binary gendered people meaning they miss out on alot of awesome people they could have in their lives.
-Feel unloved by fathers because showing emotional attachments is a sign of weakness
-Don’t form as close connections to their children as the mothers do due to several patriarchal constraints
-Suffer from strained relationships due to inability to portray emotions
-Struggle to find the depth of friendship that women have
-Are not taught how to emotionally manage trauma in their lives so have less coping mechanisms
-Are considered lesser men if they don’t fit these ideals
-Are rejected by society if they don’t fit these ideals leading to insecurity, self hate, anxiety and stress which they feel they can not communicate to anyone as it will lessen their worth further
-Can’t take part in some hobbies without being seem as less than this ideal
-Feel very pressured to dress appropriately
-Don’t receive gifts in the same way that women do, are rarely bought flowers even though they may appreciate them
-Are perceived in a way that makes women less trusting of them
-Experience more financial stress within their family
-Are not getting as much time to connect with their children
-Are continually stero typed in degrading ways
-Miss out on important milestones in their children’s lives
-Are less welcome at children’s playgrounds
-Are found intimidating by women they don’t know making it more difficult to do simple things like ask for directions
-Are expected to make sure females get home safely even if this means taking a more dangerous route home themselves

These are just some of the negative effects of patriarchy on men so yes all men whether you like it or not and why I am can promise all the men in my life I am a feminist because I love them and they deserve better too.


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