Write into the light

I found an interesting site with blog prompts for inspiration for people with mental illness. I have had a nosy through and there are some really interesting ideas so I am going to do some of them.

If you could be any animal which would you choose to be?

I am a cat everyone I know is aware of this. I didn’t choose to be though I just am. I don’t know what animal I would be if I could choose that just seems odd, how funny being a cat by nature seems perfectly normal but picking to be an animal seems weird. I guess everyone has a line.

What does this animal represent to you?

Independence, loyalty, pride, playfulness, attitude, love, self awareness and protection.

What advantages and disadvantages does it have over other animals?

Advantages little to worry about, is happy in its place, does what it wants and pride mentality.
Disadvantages irritating, too proud and un thoughtful of others needs sometimes.

Is it possible or do you already emulate this animal’s positive qualities in your human life today?

I do and it’s negative ones.

Why or why not?

Not really sure why I just do, I have always connected with cats and had an affinity with them. I like my cat qualities, accepting them has been part of my journey into feeling better about myself.


2 responses to “Write into the light

  1. Cats have many distinct qualities about them. It was interesting to read your take on them. Personally, I would be allergic to you – lol. ;). Thanks so much for writing to my prompt. Come back any time.

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